Frequently asked questions

1. Is this Ride and Share App?

No. This app is designed to calculate the trip details including distance, time, km and fare.
Customers can not order ride through this app.

2. How is tariff calculated?

Taxi drivers themselves define the tariff in-app. He can define multiple tariffs as weekdays
and weekends.

3. What does tariff include?

Tariff includes startup fare, per km, waiting time and travel time fare values.

4. Can tip be also added in app?

Yes tip can be added in app.

5. Does this app print receipt?

Yes. App connects with receipt printer through Bluetooth in mobile phone and prints

6. How long rides data will be stored?

All data of rides, driver and company details will be stored for 6 years as per traficom

7. Can this app be downloaded through App Store and Play Store?

Yes. Latest versions of app will always be available on App Store and Play Store.

8. Are there any fixed fares?

No. Taxi driver himself define the fare system in App.

9. Can I get report of my rides?

Yes. A customized or monthly report can be downloaded through user panel.

10. Can I transfer my app to someone else?

No. only registered taxi drivers and taxi vehicles can be used with the app. It can not be transferred to others.

11. Can I use this app anywhere in Finland?

Yes. This app can be used all over Finland.

12. Can I use this App outside Finland?

No. Support is only available in Finland.

13. Can I have monthly package for this app?


14. I have more than one driver and taxi vehicles in my company. Can I have a cheaper deal?

Yes. Please contact sales team via phone number or email.

15. Can I add passengers in app for different pick up and drop off points?

Yes. The app can add multiple pick up locations and drop off locations. The limit is up to 4 passengers.

16. Can I add cash amount in app?

Yes. After completion of ride, a cash transaction can be added in app.

17. Can I update my details in app about company and taxi vehicle?

Yes. Please contact support.